The Great Depression

· 11.6.2 - Understand the explanations of the principal causes of the Great Depression and the steps taken by the Federal Reserve, Congress, and Presidents Herbert Hoover and Franklin Delano Roosevelt to combat the economic crisis.
· 11.6.3- Discuss the human toll of
natural disasters, and unwise agricultural practices and their effects on the depopulation of rural regions and on political movements of the left and right, with particular attention to the Dust Bowl refugees and their social and economic impacts in California.

Migrant Mother
Nipomo, California Migrant Camp

: The students will be able to compare the causes of the Great Depression to the causes of the recession of 2008.

2 class periods, the second period is for presenting voice threads explained the previous day.

: The goal of the lesson is to learn about the Great Depression. Ask students what they know about the Great Depression. Have students make a KWL chart in the social studies journals labeled Great Depression. Students write what they Know on the Great Depression, and what they Want to know under the K and L sections. The L section will be filled by what they learned at the end of the lesson.
Sample KWL chart below:

The Great Depression KWL Chart




Write what you already know here
Write what you want to know here
At the end of the lesson, write what you learned here.

A Power Point presentation on the 5 causes of the Great Depression using pictures and text to explain each cause is the hook. Power point includes an embedded video on great depression.

Teacher shows and explains each page and picture of the power point as well as the video as each page or video is reached. Teacher may ask the students about the content of each page and video after showing it to check for comprehension. When the teacher reaches the power point page on people losing their jobs, the teacher may ask students if they know someone who lost their job for a long time and ask how hard that was to deal with.

Students will be given paper to copy a Venn Diagram the teacher writes on white board. The diagram is labeled “compare the causes of The Great Depression to the causes of the current economic recession”. The 3 diagram sections are labeled The Great Depression, both, and current recession. Teacher models how to fill in each section of the diagram, and helps students find the answers using internet research demonstrated with the document camera.
On the diagram students must fill in five causes of The Great Depression, then at least one cause both the Great Depression and current recession share in center section, then five causes of current recession in the last section.

Students will work in 4 student groups to make a presentation and for each group the teacher assigns group jobs. Each group must have a recorder, speaker, researcher, and graphics person for pictures to present when their voice thread is played for the class. The recorder will write job assignments and info the researcher finds. Each group will have the speaker record the contents of their Venn Diagram on a voice thread on the teacher’s computer. This will serve as assessment of student knowledge.