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The purpose of this site is for my class to read assignment instructions, find links to research and turn in their class projects as well as parent/student/teacher communication. Students are encouraged to use the computer lab and public library for the internet. Parents and students can send me messages on the discussion button at the top of the page.

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I enjoy Dodger Stadium but other teams and sports are also welcome in my class. Kids can measure their behavior progress by playing baseball on this poster of a baseball diamond in class. Each student gets a plastic figue with their number on it to move on the bases. Good behavior gets an at bat that starts at home plate. Continued good behavior advances their figure along the bases and when they score by going all the way around the bases they get a prize.

Lou Gehrig went 10 years without missing a game and the Iron Horse faced his deadly disease bravely. How long can you go without missing school?

Click below to hear part of his farewell speech.

More about Lou Gehrig's inspirational story